Will we get paid to use petrol?

(photo by bloomberg)

United States oil prices have taken a negative turn.
What does this mean? It means that now you’ll be get paid to use petrol.
No this is no joke.
Due to the reduction of consumption of petroleum all over the globe, it has created a fall in demand of petroleum.
However due to the negative demand and positive production, this has created a storage difficulty.
US oil bodies have expressed concern that soon, probably by may, the oil storages of USA will be full. To overcome this problem United States is actually paying the consumers to buy oil.
Taking advantage of this China has started to stockpile petrol. This will be very beneficial in the long run when petrol prices rise.
What’ll happen is due to the stockpiles of China when the world will be burdened by petrol prices China will be able to provide cheap oil to its citizens. Even export it to other countries thus reviving its economy.
On the other hand our Indian government, that doesn’t have any intelligent brain in their team is facing very serious concerns to revive the economy amid slow down.
Will this be the game changer or will the government miss another chance?

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The curse of being praised – doctors & COVID-19

Coronavirus, the notorious virus behind SARS & MERS has just produced a new strain, and lead to a world-wide pandemic of a serious disease, COVID-19, is what we call it.

Initially it has mild common cold/flu like symptoms, like with the common cold, but progresses to severe dyspnoea & coronavirus type pneumonia leading to death in a patient.

Although the death rate in coronavirus is not much (2-3%) but due to high infectivity & no specific medication for it, has caused panic all over the globe. Also it doesn’t have any vaccine, although research in developing one is already underway.

The COVID-19 is supposed to have started in China, and now spread in almost every habitable place on earth, USA to be hit the worst, with Italy & China to be the next worse hit countries.

India has also been hit by COVID-19 virus with almost 1000 cases on record as I write this article at 12:00 am, 30th March 2020.

The number of cases in India are constantly rising and this has lead to a fear of community spread of the virus as a nation wide lock down is ensured to stop COVID-19 from entering its third stage.

Meanwhile the doctors are trying their level best to fight against the virus & treat the affected patients as well as possible. Many cases have already been treated in India as well.

But this is not what I’m gonna talk about.

I want to draw your attention on the appreciation of doctors in the country, at the moment. And what is the mode of appreciation that we resort to? Clanging Steel plates & causing hooliganism.

But no, am I being too harsh? We all did it for appreciation right? Maybe this made the doctors immune to the virus, right? No? Oh so Atleast it might have created a shock waves that destroyed the virus? No?

So what did it do?

Noise pollution, hooliganism, crowding, people even came out of their homes and started dancing togather. But no, these guys were fools, we did it to appreciate the doctors, right?

Now let me ask you this, how many doctors were on the streets or near your house when you did this show of yours? Probably none, cuz they were busy in the hospitals treating patients,

But you still believe that you did great right?

Maybe there’s a hospital nearby?

Have you ever been to an ICU? Have u appreciated the noise of traffic from the ICU? no? Oh it is so insulated that no sound can reach there, right?

So while you were clanging the plates in your balcony, there were doctors treating patients completely unaware of the madness going outside.

Now come to the appreciation part a bit more. Why is the country madly appreciating the doctors? It’s really good but a little research won’t hurt. So, I thought & read more into the matter.

Do you know what is the condition of doctors in the country?

There are doctors working in the hospital without having proper masks. In the hottest spot of the pandemic, while there are people on the streets, dancing & clanging vessels while wearing hit tech masks.

But,the doctors are not complaining, they’re too busy to do it. What they’re doing is working hard & ready to die while guaranteeing protection to the nation. And maybe this is the reason why the country is appreciating doctors. If they would’ve stood up for themselves, asking the authorities to provide safety gears to them, they would’ve probably become a part of the tukde tukde gang, anti nationals. Because here the concerned authority is the government.

Indians appreciate people only when they die for them, why don’t we work towards saving those who help others live happily & peacefully.

Even in the army, we appreciate the martyrs but how often have we tried to look into the issue, that, why they had to sacrifice their life?

Coming back to the point, no one is even raising their voice for doctors right now. Health associations over India have already expressed their worries over lack of Personal Protection Equipments (PPE),but who’s listening? Nobody.

It takes someone as powerful as JNU to have that courage to stand for what’s right & raise your voice for the people of our country. But then comes the anti national narrative. If you don’t wanna be called an anti national, just keep your voice shut. Even if it leads to death of a few doctors. We’ll call them heros & give 10 lakh to their families. That’s patriotism, right?

For a moment let’s assume we do it, shut our voice & let a few doctors die, move on & after that what?

Same hospitals, same condition (if not worse), same result? For a revolution we need voices, voices that have the power to make even the deaf, hear.

People who are educated enough to make a systematic plan of how there should be the distribution of facilities so that the value of a human life is experienced, not just heard in speeches. We need people who stand up for their community & make it better for everyone in their group, be it doctors, engineers, lawyers, charted accountants, farmers, students & everyone else.

Rise about selfishness, also, don’t try to poke your nose in someone else’s department, because you may know what you read, but they know what they’re experiencing.

I hope this article reaches a few worthy eyes & I can make an impact as well. All the readers are requested to please share this article with your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone. Because every reader has a voice & that’s what I need.

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Before expecting a change happening in the society we must try to change ourselves. However it’s rather difficult for someone to become disciplined by themselves. We need a stick on our head to discipline us. So to bring about a change we need to practice something what I call “interruptive revolution”

21 April 19

I am sitting in a bus. A family is sitting in front of me.

Mom,dad and their kid.

Dad passed on a plastic covering of a namkeen that he had just finished eating. He apparently threw the wrapper out of the bus. This is how we teach our kids that it’s okay to litter around. Theoretical classes are not as helpful as practical lessons. No matter how much you teach swach bharat in books but it actually won’t happen untill and unless we don’t teach our kids how to practice it.

As a parent you are the first role model your kids look up to. You are that agent for change. Even though you haven’t done it (keeping the environment clean) for quite long but if we start paying attention to it as soon as we have kids then we are teaching them the importance of discipline /cleanliness and this is how change will start. We’ll mould a new generation of more socially & environmentally aware generation. However to change by our own self is very difficult. We need someone to keep a watch over us 24*7.

Imagine what would have happened if there wouldn’t have been law & order in the country. The nation would have been in a mess or even the nation wouldn’t have even existed.

For making ourselves disciplined we need to become more aware as a society.

If someone litter we need to interrupt them. We need to tell them that it’s wrong to littler around.

Many people have already done it but it’s been evident in many cases that the other people present there do not support them or even the relatives / friends of the person taking an initiative stops them by saying nobody is saying anything to him/her why are you bothered, just pay attention to your own work.

This has become our mindset in many years of listening the same thing by our parents /other people.

We need to interrupt people & it’s a duty of others to support the one taking an initiative to educate the offender. When it’ll happen 10 times with a person, that they’ll be interrupted by strangers, then he/she will automatically start changing their habits out of shame.

It’s not a process that’ll happen in a day. It’ll take years to happen, but it’s possible. And neither will it take centuries. It’ll happen in a few years but we need to start acting soon.

Tobacco ban in india

Cigarettes are easily avialable in shops at a cheap price, even a single cigarette is avialable out of a bundle of cigarette pack.

Tobacco in any form is the leading cause of cancer. The government banned marijuana saying that it causes cancer, even after being argued that it has medicinal properties too. Unlike marijuana , cigarettes or lets say tobacco(nicotine) has no medicinal effect and is the leading cause of cancer a inmong people in India and all over the globe.

Stopping the sale of tobacco in any form , along with marijuana is the only solution to decrease the cases of cancer in the country.

An analysis – Statue of unity

On 143rd birth anniversary of the iron man of india, Sardar Valleb Bhai Patel, the prime minister gifted him, his the tallest stratue in the world, sculptured by the padma bhushan and padma shrii , Ram Vanji Sutar.

He has made many other statues like the famous

The Krishna Arjun Rath Movement

Mahatma Gandhi in a meditation pose and many other.

He has created more than fifty monumental sculptures in the last forty years of his career.

The statue is 182 meters in height that is almost twice as big as the state of liberty that stands at 93 meters and Almost six times the christ the redeemer 38 meters, much bigger than the two most famous statues in the world.

The next biggest statue is spring temple buddha that is 29 meters smaller.

Now the question that arises is that was the statue really necessary and the speculations behind the construction on the gigantic statue, so here we docode it for you.

The government of India is saying that the statue is a mark of respect to the freedom fighter and the first deputy prime minister of our country. He was also the first home minister of our country.

Now to spend three thousand crores just to show respect to someone is really senseless and that too in a country where thousands of people die of starvation every year.

Maybe the statue will provide vast tourist influx and hence grooming bussinesses around the statue but these are just speculations as the statue does not give the tourists anything unusually amazing.

Hence the assumption of it being a big or lets say biggest tourist attraction is very very very low or next to impossible, as i may say.

There will be another video in which we will be discussing about the speculations and expectations from the state , that the government is now giving to defend its move.

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Things that every parent must know

If you are a parent or going to be one soon, there are some really important things that you must really understand about parenting.

Parenting is paying your kids fee , letting your kids live in your house, giving them their meals on time.

This is parenting. Now if you are agreeing on these points and think you have fulfilled your responsibility as a parent, just by doing these few things , my friend you are wrong.

Yes Ofcourse these are the primary responsiblity of any parent, but there is a lot more to parenting than this.

Parents must understand that as the world around us is changing , we must also change. Even kids must understand this & they can be made more sensible by social counselling classes in schools, colleges but in India no one pays heed to it. But as parents are more mature as compared to their kids, this responsibility of adapting to change is more on their shoulders. Earlier there were times where there were hardships, less technology and living was really hard but one thing really should be kept in mind. The kids today are more susceptible, more vulnerable to social fears and peer pressure has increased a lot. And for all the negative things.

With so much to deal with, a child really finds it difficult to understand what is for his good and what is bad. What things or company he must avoid and what must he keep. To add more to this comes the generation gap between the parents and the kids. You cant scold your kids all the time and then expect them to tell you everything. All their doubts, all theirs question, all their deep thoughts, everything goes unnoticed. This leads to mental chaos in a child’s mind and he may become confused, susceptible to the negative aspects of society like smoking, alcohol etc. I am not justifying any kind of intoxication or addiction in children, but just want all the parents to understand that talking to your kid, earning their trust, being their friend all this really helps.

Secondly, giving him a place to live in is not just the thing. Every parent must provide their children a safe and healthy environment to live in. An environment that tempts them to learn and develop, an environment that really makes them strong, mentally more than physically.

If a child gets a healthy environment at home, interactive table discussions, someone at home whom they can rely on when they are in confused state of mind and someone who is ready to hear their ideas and feelings, I am sure that we’ll start making a nation that we read or see in fantasy books/movies. I have immense faith in the youth across the globe. When a nation develops a positive environment around its subcontinent countries is created and they start to grow too. This change will migrate ti the entire world but an innitiative needs to be taken.

I won’t put the entire responsibility on the parents. The kids today are really mature and sensible today. They are aware of the change that has taken place in the recent years. They are tech. friendly people. They have an ocean of knowledge and facts out there on the internet.

Its said with great power comes great responsibility and so the power of technology gives them the opportunity to grow. Develop a sense of responsibility and willingness to take the first step. Every parent might not be sensible enough to take the pain of getting out of their comfort zone and work towards a positive environment for their children. I know its a harsh statement but believe me its true. Many dont even realize what impact their decision has made or will make and how is it going to affect their child. They can realize because they cant think like a child. You have to put yourself in someone’s shoe to realize what they might be feeling. This is too hard for some parents. This is what generation gap is all about. Here, children have to step forward and make a wise move to make their parents understand what they actually want.

Change isn’t not an easy job and so I am not putting anyone at fault, but I just want to say that everyone must feel responsible, must feel powerful enough to stir that change and believe me nobody can, if not you and everybody can what just one did.

Have faith in yourself, you are born in an era of power.

Thankyou for your patient listening and i hope you all are ready to make a change.

God be with you.

7 day strugle story of college students -part1

It was a medical college in India,

A calm peaceful evening turned into a nightmare as a result of just a paper posted on a notice board. The words written on it were not merely words, but potential murder weapon for many.

5 lakh fee was hiked 400% to 20 lakhs for 2016 batch of mbbs studends and 23 lakhs in the case of 2017 batch.

The students were filled with a mixed feeling of anger, surprise and helplessness as they gathered in small groups discussing that what is to be done. With enthusiasm they decided to protest against the administration regarding this issue and so, banners were prepared. As night started calling for sleep, students were still traumatised and wide awake. That night was a rather long one. In the morning students of 2016 and 2017 batch decided to march towards the administrative block. By the time they were moving out from the hostel, this news had already reached the senior block and as guardians the seniors very responsibly came out to assist them.

Later everyone decided that sitting in front of the administrative block could cause trobule to their little revolt for justice and so they decided to march towards the main gate of the college.

The students were filled with energy and had lack of wisdom, and so in the heat of the moment they blocked the road outside the collage. It was also the way to the college’s hospital and a very busy road and so seconds later a large number Of vehicles stoped and a traffic jam had started.

As it was a very busy road next to a hospital, Immidiately police came to clear the road. They were told that they might face actions if they did any chaos like blocking the road and disturbing anyone moving in the main road. They were told that they could protest in their college and for as long as the Public is not disturbed they wont face any actions. They students ready accepted their mistake, said sorry and cleared the road as per police directives. Now they decided to protest outside the college and so gathered on the college main gate and started chanting slogan condemning their decision. They students knew this wasn’t a short thing and thought it might take hours for the decision to get cancelled and so they sat on the unmatted flood of the college maingate, in the dust and dirt, with the insects to keep them company.

As hours went by without anyone approaching and talking to the students, the students got tired but didn’t even thinkbof giving up on their struggle. And these were the days of sheer heat. The seniors had done a very rightful job by correctly guiding their juniors till now and were rockstrong to support them untill justice has been served to them. As the clock struck 4 pm everyone was in a cconfusion that what should be done, should they go home today and come the next day or what should be the correct thing to be done. Nobody had still come up to clam and talk to the students. These were actual ‘future doctors’ who were sitting on filthy floor and with their college management no bothering about them at all.

It was later decided by the students that they will sit there 24*7 untill the decision is not taken back. There were both girls and boys in the group standing strong and ready to stay there day and night. Although not taking things for granted and keeping the girl safety in mind they were sent back to their hostels and were told to come back as early as possible, the next morning.

The boys stayed there all night and in dark as the college administration had cut electric supply , an ineffective move to curb the movement’s spirit.

But the students had no other option than to stay strong and fight their battle, even if they had to fight it in dark. And so they slept at the maingate among the mosquitoes.

As early as 5 am, a herd was seen arriving towards the maingate. Wow, the girls had arrived, on time. Waking up, getting ready and showing up this early was very surprising and indeed very motivating. The boys had a little rest then and again the battle for the day started. Shouting slogans and distributing energy. Everyone thought that to sit in the burning heat was impossible and the students strike wont last long but 24hrs and shining Sun wasn’t a test of their endurance and will to fight.

As a day had passed and the protest wasnt a small one, news started spreading across the city. The managment was still quiet about the issue. Thebstudents collected funds among themselves as they had to arrange for food, water and refreshments. The heat was too much to take without water and so everyone was advised to take in as much fluid as they could and keep themselves hydrated.

The students were from across the country and so it took time for their parents to arrive so fund was limited. With careful investment of money in specific areas useful arrangements were made. There was security guard’s room at the maingate but as the supply was cut so it could be used as a souce of electricity. So usefull things included generator, a tent, mic , juices and fruits.

The vice chancellor of the college came and gave a short speech inorder to fool the students to quit their strike as he said nothing can be done and its in the best interest of the students to quit this strike and resume with their classes and studies as they had their exams round the corner.

Do you think the strike ended? Comment your answers and we will be back completing the story in the next part.

Here is an actual video of the real strike



Making of a Neurosurgeon Incidence Silent Heroes

It takes me back to those days when I used to be an Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery Department of J.J. hospital, Mumbai. The department was situated on fourth and fifth floor of the main hospital building. A small 8×10 feet room was allotted to me in nearby hostel where I used to stay with my wife. Though the room was small, my wife had set a whole new world in to it. She used to work as an Anesthesia resident (junior anesthetist) in a different hospital in the same city . Both of us used to have 24 hours duty followed by 12 hours break. Hence though we were married recently, we could hardly see each other.
It was just an ordinary day. My wife had returned home early, so I finished my work fast and was back home. She was busy cooking dinner and a refreshing cup of tea was awaiting me. As we were enjoying our cup of tea, my phone started ringing. It was Dr. Laxmikant, my junior. He hurriedly said, “Sir, come fast in casualty (emergency room).Something is wrong with Amandeep( Name changed)” and phone was disconnected. I could make out that he was short of breathe, as if he was running while talking to me and his voice was trembling. This phone call was quite unusual. Till now he had never made such an incomplete call to me. However I could make out, something was really wrong.
Hearing that my wife asked, who is this Amandeep? I replied “ He is our senior anesthesia resident”. She sensed the gravity of situation and said “ I shall call the elevator ,you get ready fast.” I dressed up hurriedly and ran out of the room. By this time,my wife had called the elevator and kept the door open for me. As the door was closing, she said “Please do your best for him.”
Like a swirling wind, thoughts kept gushing through my mind as to what must have happened to him? Today morning itself I had met him. I Still remember his words.He had said, “Hi Sir, today I am the call director. Bring in as many cases you want. We will operate all of them.” (Call director is a senior Anesthesia resident who heads the emergency Anesthesia team. He prioritizes the emergency cases. If he feels that a patient doesn’t need emergency surgery, he holds the rights to postpone the case till next morning, to be operated in routine hours.)
I smiled at him and said, “Lets meet in the evening then. Don’t betray your words! We have lot of cases lined up.” “No sir, I will keep my word, Bye.” He replied. Laxmikant said, “Sir,he is a very sincere and sensible guy. Till now he has never postponed any of our cases. He himself works throughout the night and makes the entire team work too.”
With all such thoughts in my mind I stepped out of the elevator and hurried towards the casualty. On my way I could see many other resident doctors from different departments running towards the Casualty. As I entered the casualty one of the junior doctor came across and said, “Sir where have you been so long !Come fast, please see him!” By the time 30-40 doctors had gathered in there. I made my way through the crowd.
As I reached the bed, my heart skipped a beat to see Amandeep lying in a pool of blood .He had sustained severe head injury and face was totally disfigured as if it had been split in to two. One eyeball was out and some part of brain had herniated through the defect. Even then, anesthetists had managed to intubate him (inserting artificial ventilation tube in to windpipe) and he was on the ventilator. Bystander doctor’s clothes were soaked in blood. Everybody was running around doing something or the other like drawing blood for cross matching, pushing saline, inserting catheters etc.
I looked at Laxmikant with so many questions in my mind. Without me asking, he replied, “Sir,he met with an accident.Today evening,he finished his duty in St. George hospital and was on his way back.(St .George hospital is a branch of Sir J.J. Group of hospitals. Usually one team of anesthetists from J.J. hospital gets posted iver there.)Some vehicle dashed his bike from behind and his head banged against the divider. Police immediately brought him here.
There was hardly anything which could be done. Looking at the severity of injury, I knew, he would not survive. Any moment his heart would give up. When I turned around I noticed, Dr.Vernon Velho was already standing there. He is the Head of the Department of Neurosurgery. He is well known for his dedication, operating skills and knowledge. Over the years,I had seen him making impossible possible and bringing new life to the patients. However, this situation was different. Nothing seemed to work for this poor chap.
But my inner conscience was appealing to God, hoping that sir would say, “Pravin, we can still save him. Shift him to OT(Operation Theatre) fast.” However Sir was also still. He called me and said, “Pravin, any moment his heart will stop. We can’t do anything. Even shifting him to CT scan is not possible. Let’s at least do the dressing and cover his shattered face. If his relatives happen to see him in this condition, they might not tolerate it.
As we lifted his head for dressing I noticed it was completely divided in two parts and blood started gushing out. Somehow we managed to do the dressing and stood besides . Suddenly one of his colleague came and held my hand and said, ‘’Sir please do something, why are you standing still. For other patients you keep on ordering us saying ‘patient is serious! induce him fast!! ‘ and when our friend needs it the most, you are not doing anything. Give orders sir, ask them to shift him to OT. Our anesthesia team is ready. Just do something.” With this, he hugged me and started crying. I could not console him. As he also knew that no surgery is possible in him. I just hugged him tight for a while.
And yes that moment arrived. After 2-3 minutes Amandeep’s heart rate started decreasing and suddenly it stopped. Immediately we started the CPR(Reviving the heart with chest compressions).7-8 doctors started imparting chest compressions one after the other in rotation. As a last resort DC shock was given still there was no heart activity. By this time around 100 – 150 doctors had gathered in casualty. Hospital Dean Dr. Lahane sir, Anesthesia HOD Dr. Kondwilkar madam and other senior doctors were continuously monitoring the situation.
Meanwhile the Hospital Superitendent came up to me and said, “ Sir, we will have to inform his family. He is from Punjab and has no local guardian here. This is what we got to know from his colleagues.” As we were trying to access the family details police handed over a cell phone to us which they had recovered from Amandeep’s pocket. We checked his mobile. All numbers belonged to friends from J.J. hospital, however there was one phone number stored as Maa. I stored that number in my cell as we came out on the ground.
It was a big responsibility to inform this to his family. It was 2 am by now. I gathered all my courage and dialed the number. An old lady received the call immediately and whispered, “Yes my son. Not slept yet? This is being a routine now! You had your dinner or not?” I wondered why this lady is referring me as her son. Then I looked at the phone I was holding. By mistake I had used Amandeep’s phone for calling . I realized ,that’s the reason she must have felt it was Amandeep on phone and addressed me as her son. I was speechless and I disconnected the call.I could not dare to disclose it to her, she, who was merely concerned about her sons dinner and sleep. It was not the first time I was disclosing the news of death to close ones, however this situation was different. I told Superintendent Sir that, “ I can’t do it !” and handed over the phone to him.
Within few moments his phone started ringing .His mother was calling. Superintendent received the call and said, “Maaji Namaste! I am Amandeep’s friend. Can I talk to his father or brother?” She kept on asking “Who are you beta? Where is Amandeep? Is there any problem? You can talk to me!” However we did not tell anything to her. After a while Amandeeps’ brother was on phone. We disclosed everything to him. His first question was, what is the CT scan report? With this superintendent handed over the phone to me for explaining the neurological status. His brother kept on asking multiple questions for which I had no answers. Finally I told him, “Bhaiya CT scan is not possible. We can’t shift him to CT. Amandeep is taking his last breathes. It’s not possible to save him.” Suddenly there was a prolong silence on phone, though I could hear chaos of his parents asking him ‘How is Amandeep? Is everything all right? Why are you not telling us?’ Could hear his mother crying and the call got disconnected.
It was difficult to imagine his parent’s situation. How difficult this journey would be for them! Staying in some remote place in Punjab! At night 2 am, how will they manage to reach here? I could imagine their agony. This would be the most painful journey of their life. Journey leading to never-ending sorrow. With all such thoughts I sat on the stairs nearly for 10 -15 minutes. I saw Laxmikant coming towards me .With his expressions I could sense that Amandeep could not be revived and that it was the end of it.
He said, “Sir please come inside and take a glimpse.” I entered the casualty. The scene was heart wrenching. His heart had stopped. There was a continuous flat line on the monitor screen. Amandeep was no more. However his friends refused to give up.His friends were still engaged in CPR. They were imparting chest compressions more vigorously one after the other. One of them shouted, “Sir, till now we have revived so many patients with CPR. Then how can we allow our friend to go so easily? He climbed on the bed and started chest thursts with all his energy. Poor pals. Their friend had already left them. But they simply could not accept the fact that their friend has died in front of them and they could not do anything. This continued for 10-15 minutes .Finally HOD madam intervened as she ordered, “Stop it! Control yourself! He is no more!Stop the CPR!!”
The CPR stopped. Now suddenly there was a killing silence in the premises. Amandeep was still. Splashes of blood everywhere. Piles of used saline bottles, injections, blood bags, hand gloves around his bed. Smell of rotten blood, sound of monitor beeping and sight of ventilator blowing air in too a dead body.Everything was unbearable. They switched off the ventilator. And Amandeep was now silent. Sleeping in peace. The struggle had terminated.Now I could hear sobbing sounds. Lady doctors mourning openly. While male doctors wept hiding behind the pillars, doors or in washrooms. Senior doctors making futile efforts of hiding their tears. Casualty and campus was full of doctors. Staff nurses had cancelled their duty off and stayed back while off duty ward boys had also gathered in a hope that they could be of any help. However the real fact was we could not make it.
By this time around 20 -25 patients had accumulated in casualty waiting for the treatment. Last 4-5 hours we could not pay much of attention to emergency patients in casualty. Doctors and nurses wiped of their tears and started examining these patients. I happened to examine one of them. He was a young boy, a case of road accident. He had sustained a minor head injury with a wound on his forehead. I told his parents that this wound needs to be sutured. To my surprise that boy said, “ Sir it’s a minor injury. I can wait. Please go and save your friend.” His parents also added “Sir, we will wait! It can be sutured later. Please do your best for your friend.” This glimpse of humanity was really unexpected.
We sorted out all the patients in casualty. It was 6 am by now. All senior doctors including hospital Dean had stayed back. They looked after all the legal formalities. A team was allotted to take care of Amandeeps parents’ transportation and would be in touch with them. They decided to dispatch the dead body to the mortuary. All junior doctors were instructed to go to room and take some rest.Dr. Vernon Sir called me and said, “Don’t post any routine cases for surgery today. All anesthesia department was here throughout. All are emotionally broken. We have to give them a break. Will operate only serious or emergency patients today.” I nodded to his instructions.
My head was heavy! Worn out! I came back to my room. I noticed a note kept on the table. My wife had asked, “How is Amandeep? Message me, your phone is not reachable.. I am leaving for duty.” What would I tell her? As I was reading the note I got a call from the Operation theatre. OT In charge sister was on line. I said hurriedly, “Sister I am sorry. I forgot to tell you that HOD sir has asked to take up only serious and emergency cases. Not routine ones as you know what happened last night.” However she said, “But sir all the anaesthetists have arrived in OT. They have already called the routine patients to OT.”I could not believe myself that after such emotional turmoil how they managed to be in OT.
Reflexly I got up and moved towards OT. As I entered the OT I encountered one of the Anesthesia resident. He asked me blankly “Sir both the patients are here. Which is to be induced first.” With his puffy eyes I could make out he had cried whole night. I just pointed towards one of the patients.I called the patient’s relatives for preoperative counseling. They said, “sir all of you had been in the casualty the whole night. We know what happened to your friend. We don’t mind if you operate our patient tomorrow. Please take rest today.” Usually these relatives were always behind us to get their patient operated as early as possible. However this scenario was altogether different.
There was no necessity to operate these routine cases on that very day so I asked the OT in charge sister. She replied , “sir I also think so! However Anesthetist are determined to do all the cases. Within next hour they induced both the cases and their surgery started. Once I got washed up for surgery it was just the patient and me. Totally dissociated from what had happened the night before. Both the surgeries went well. We finished by 6 pm and I headed towards the surgeon’s room. As I was resting sister offered me a cup of tea which I needed desperately. Both the patients got shifted to ICU accompanied by Anesthetists. One of the junior Anesthetist came to me and said, “sir both the patients are doing well. I shall take your leave now.Bye!”
I was feeling guilty and could not take it anymore. I had a feeling that they were upset with us as we could not save their friend. So I asked him, “Why are you guys behaving like this? What was the necessity to do the cases? We could have easily postponed them?” He turned a deaf ear to me and was about to leave. However I insisted and offered Him a cup of tea.
This time he settled down and replied with heavy voice and watery eyes. “ Sir Dr.Amandeep was my senior.He was one of the most dedicated and hardworking Anesthetist. He would never postpone any case. When he used to do the call director duty, he himself toiled throughout the night and made us do the same. Many a times I used to get agitated with him. But he taught us how to work for the patients.” He further added “Sir do you know, today we must have operated around 30-35 cases including all the surgical departments. Not a single case was cancelled! We did all the cases!”
My question was still the same “Why?”
He replied , “Sir if Amandeep sir is around , watching us from somewhere, what would he feel.. He would have never liked the cases getting postponed because of him. So all these cases are a tribute to him from all of us. Sir, all of us from different operations theaters paid homage to him by observing a moment of silence
at around 4 pm. You were engrossed in the case so you must have not realized it.” and he left.
I kept looking at him till he disappeared. I saluted this entire Anesthesia team left the cup of tea untouched and got out of the OT .What happened in J.J. that day was astonishing and enigmatic. Thoughts clustered in my mind.I feel all these Anesthetists are unsung heroes, who are always behind the curtain, when the actual play goes on. Actually they are equally creditable for the success of any surgery. These people challenge nature. They take the patient almost to the verge of death and bring them back to life. Once the surgery is done, the patient and their relatives only remember the operating surgeon. The entire credit goes to him. Many of the patients don’t even know the name of the Anesthetist. I have seen patient’s relatives expressing their gratitude towards the operating surgeon, however I am yet to see any of them being considerate towards the Anesthetist. Still, these Anesthetists continue to take up new challenges every day, with vigor and zeal , without expecting a single word of appreciation.
Actually any doctor’s life is also the same. Every doctor fights a different battle in his personal life. Some have family problems, some have health issues, some are in financial debt. They live a constant stressful life. Still when it comes to dealing with the patients ,they forget all their worries. However shattered their personal life may be, they try to find peace in patient’s smile.
Baffled with all these thoughts I entered the hostel. There were traces of Tribute ceremony in the hostel lobby, which must have happened some time ago. Amandeep’s photo was embellished with flowers and candles around. The flowers were blooming with heavenly aroma making his unseen presence felt around. Reflexly I turned towards his photo and removed my shoes. His face was illuminated in candle lights. Such a charismatic face with a twinkle in his eyes. I could not dare to see through his eyes. I just saluted him and apologized that we could not do anything for him.
As I turned towards the elevator, i heard a voice, “ Hi sir! Where are you going ? Today I am the ‘call director’. Bring as many patients you want. We will operate all of them…………………………”

Dr.Pravin Survashe

5 fifa world cup 2018 records so far…..

Fifa world cup is not just a sports event its a festival for the fans. We have seen this that football has been the most popular sport since its origin. And they have some crazy fans to keep going with too,

Here are 5 of the fifa world cup 2018 records that have been creates so far.

1) japan beat columbia 2-1 to bwcome the first asian team to beat a south American country in fifa.

2) iceland played their first ever match in the world cup, against Argentina and the match was a 1-1 draw

3) Cristiano Ronaldo makes history by making his maiden world cup hat trick,

For more click on the link given below

five FIFA world cup 2018 facts so far