Opportunities crush crime

There has been much research into the psychology of criminals and the root cause that lead to criminals taking such drastic steps that are both illegal and immoral.

i personally studied some of these factors and I am going to explain my view on curbing crime

Lack of opportunities – Before controlling crime we must first learn the objective of crime, why is it even happening. Most of the crimes occur because the criminals dont have enough financial income to support their family and in hope of giving their family a better future many criminals resort to illegal ways of procuring money.

Developed nations that have a better living standard and better opportunities to earn money are seen with lesser crime rates as people keep their mind busy in applying for various jobs and are lesser into indulging their mind in plotting ways to earn dirty cash by indulging in crime. And higher rate of crime among developing countries supports the same where people think that instead of working very hard and still not having a guarantee to succeed is a wors3 option than indulging in illegal ways to obtain quick cash.

Involvment in better opportunities so there is no time for evil thoughts, will certainty help in controlling crime.

# You may also say that being illiterate and poor literacy rates are associated with higher crime rates as there is no opportunities for illiterate people to generate enough income so as to keep pace with this “sophisticated ” world.

#Mal-upbringing – this is another big factor that leads to some of the most ugly crime.

This term mal upupbringing is not quite heard but is a very broad term. It just doesn’t denote illiteracy and poor status of family, instead a poor couple may raise their kid in a much better environment than richer society.

This term just means that there is a constant interaction of a kid with a certain kind of environment that is unhygienic for his mental health and inclines him/her towards crime.

We need to see to this that a kid is kept away from such an environment and is brought up with an interactive, innovative and intellectual thinking that will helo him grow in every aspect of his life.

….to be continued

Many more points will be discussed in my next blog.

2 thoughts on “Opportunities crush crime

  1. What is actually happening nowadays is…Something we can say a new face of crime which is turning up.
    You know…I know someone about whom I posted you can read my article “proud of Criminals”.
    You talked about illiteracy the guy whom I know is English hons.(double hons)
    No income- He goes out for foreign trips.
    Only thing which I think would be apt to say is…”tameez nai sikhai jaati hai. Bachche janwar ban jate hain pata hi nai chalta. And jab pata chalta hai to unki gande kamo pe parda unhi k ghar ki female members dalti hai.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, I said the exact same thing. Maybe you didn’t see that paragraph. I said illiteracy is not the factor, lack of manners and poor upbringing is to be blamed.
      Thanks for your support😁
      I will read your post.


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